Our Program

The Adult Day Services Program at Cedar Sinai Park provides an array of meaningful activities meant to engage social connections, provide stimulation for cognitive and physical abilities, and create a safe and compassionate environment that helps make our participants feel successful. We structure each day carefully to meet the needs and wants or our participants.

Word Games

Our word games are meant to stimulate and keep the brain active – not to mention the fun we have when playing them. We participate in word games twice daily, and these games can range from Crossword, letter writing, poetry, Spanish lessons, and many other activities designed to make every participant successful.


Exercise is an essential element in maintaining our physical and mental well-being. It can be used to counter depression, anxiety, and physical discomfort. We have designed many exercise activities to engage each individual. We use chair yoga, chair dancing, modified volleyball, and many other forms to encourage movement…and fun!

Music Program

Music has so many therapeutic qualities. Not only does it help to ease stress and anxiety, if can also engage and activate the “musical memory” which often remains strongest in those living with dementia. We use music to the fullest by listening to the tunes that spark memories and and conversation. We also sing in our own Choir, the Four Leaf Clovers, and with the help of our musically talented staff, explore different ways music can engage every participant.

Garden Program

Our garden club is very active all year round. Gardening helps to employ many senses, and also can give a strong connection to time and place. We have several gardeners on staff who have created great garden and plant based activities that everyone can participate in. We have several raised garden beds that also help to supplement our lunches and snacks.

Art Program

Art is a fantastic activity that can tap the creative parts of the brain and spirit. We regularly utilize the creative process and the results are stunning. From watercolor, to guest lectures from local artists, we use art to reach every individual participating in the program in some way.

We are also please to mention that we are specially trained and working with the Alzheimer’s Association on the Memories in the Making (MIM) program. Memories in the Making is a fine arts program for people living with dementia. As part of the program, individuals with no art background can create art to regain the ability to communicate while boosting self-esteem and opening the channels of communication with loved ones.