Alan Rosenfeld – Our Musician in Residence

Alan Rosenfeld, has been bringing his violin and songbooks into ADS since 1999 (when we opened!) and playing weekly for our participants.  Over the years he has had others that have accompanied him on piano (Jack, Victor) but he is now going solo! Alan gives us tidbits of information on many songs (the composer, the era it was written, the style i.e. Waltz) and then we sing along with him to some of the old favorites…A Fine Romance, Sunrise Sunset, and Don’t Fence Me In to name a few.

Alan is a gifted and generous volunteer who shares his talent and knowledge and sense of humor with us….and for that we are grateful!

Alan R


OHSU Visits Adult Day Services

ADS is fortunate to be a partner with the OHSU Neurology department in training (3rd year) medical students who are studying about individuals with cognitive impairment.  Last Tuesday, we hosted 6 students in ADS to give them the opportunity to observe (and engage in!) our community program available to families living with dementia. There is always learning going on from all angles during these (quarterly) visits!  Having fun with exercise (and the LARGE balloon), challenging our brains with word games, and enjoying a meal together reflect so many different aspects of who we are.

It never ceases to amaze me how much the students eyes are opened by this time spent together. From when they first enter the room (albeit a bit nervously), until they leave (with smiles and affirmations)…they are viewing first-hand what our participants can still do, not what they have lost.

Learning About Shabbat in ADS

Jemi Mansfield, CSP Spiritual Life Director visited ADS to explain the commandments and traditions of the Jewish holiday known as Shabbat.  This is the day that is set aside each week to study, reflect and refresh. We engaged in song, learning, lighting candles and eating challah.  This time brought back lots of memories for many of us and created new memories for others.

Honoring Memorial Day

What a gift to have been part of the Memorial Day Program here on campus!  Many of our choir members expressed their feelings of honor to have been publicly recognized for their military service along with the presence of other Veterans and the Portland Honor Guard.  May this tradition live on!