Our Daily Practice

At Adult Day Services, our goal for each day is to have a stress free environment, provide challenging adult activities, promote “feel good” moments and to give individualized attention. We hold a training meeting monthly, to go in depth on techniques and standards that reinforce our training and increase the effectiveness of our daily practice. 

We are “practicing our craft” from the moment we walk in the door to the moment we leave.  Each interaction with our participants is carefully measured (with some hooping spoonfuls of care and friendship) to create an “anxiety-free” environment to make each person feel successful and positive where they are at in their lives.

This past week, we discussed some parts of our formula we wanted to share with you. Part of this important recipe includes careful attention to how our room is set up (preparing the environment), recognizing and tailoring our own actions (movements, tone, simplicity in instructions, welcoming or encouraging smiles), strategically plan activities, and much more so each participant feels welcome and comfortable – like being at home.

Our participants are our #1 priority at all times.  Organizing, cleaning up, phone calls, visitors etc. are all secondary…our focus and attention will not be distracted from our goal to provide the best care.

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