Memories in the Making

For people living with dementia, a world grown confusing, overwhelming, and maybe even frightening has been comforted a little by a palette of watercolor paints and blank piece of paper. With the encouragement of a trained art facilitator, these artists glide their brushes on paper forming meaningful works of art. Participants in this program can feel a real sense of accomplishment and achievement while living with memory loss. The Adult Day Services program at Cedar Sinai Park utilizes The Alzheimer’s Association’s Memories in the Making (MIM) art program, to give people with dementia the ability to paint their thoughts, emotions and memories. The art becomes their voice.

Benefits of Memories in the Making® to those with Alzheimer’s disease

-Improves self esteem
-Serves as an outlet for emotions
-Increase attention span and focus
-Activates neurons
-Reduces isolation and provides opportunity to socialize
-Taps into pockets of memory that still exist
-Reconnects families

Through this experience, people with dementia are often able to reach outside of their dementia and paint a picture that reconnects them with a past memory. These documented memories become powerful tools that reassure family and caregivers that the essence of the individual is still there.

Our trained and caring staff has been accredited as art facilitators in the Memories in the Making Program and have been using the materials and techniques with enthusiasm from many of our participant. Our participants are loving it!

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